It's Not About How Long You Live.... But How Well You Live Long

Here’s the Deal

“Luck my ass! Luck is just another word for hard work and an open mind. I don’t want to wake up dead tomorrow and realize I didn’t even try to.” ~J Harold Badger

Because just about everything comes with disclaimers these days this is mine! First and foremost, I make no pretense about being a doctor or even a healthcare professional of any kind…I am not!

I am a cancer patient, though, and will be for the decade at least. Living with cancer comes with a responsibility to monitor this fact on a regular basis and to continue a protocol that advances your quality of life and longevity.  I grew up in Texas and lived in the Southwest most of my life and have great respect for the southwest, cowboy way of life and country music.

That said, several weeks on the other side of my 72nd birthday, the journey began when I was diagnosed in May 2016 with prostate cancer.  In addition, it was pointed out that I was clinically obese with high blood pressure and diabetes as well (collectively what I call the Triangle of Death). To say the least it left me wondering and asking the question: “Where have I been all my life?”

I spent all of the next few weeks researching quick healthy weight loss, the causes of high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and the foods that we eat which contribute to these debilitating diseases.  I spent the next 5 months implementing and adjusting my findings to my own situation and a protocol that would eventually eliminate the triangle of death.  This is a compilation of that work, the outcome of which saved my life and put me on a longevity track with the wellness of a person 15 years younger; giving me the strength and oréxis for the fight of my life.

I could not have done it alone.

Until 7 years ago, faith had not always played a huge role in my life. And, even then, I am certain that the Lord has had to smile the many times He has forgiven my missteps.  His grace has followed me all the days of this journey and given me the courage to step off the cliff into darkness and unknown; knowing there would be someone there to teach me to fly.

The day to day continueous combat engaged against these diseases could not have been possible without the help of the fine surgeons and healthcare crew at Methodists Hospital, Sugar Land, Texas including:

  • Henry Pham (Urologist and master pilot of the di Vinci Robot) and his crew of incredible staffers; their straight to the point though positive attitude directing me along a path of accepting responsibility for my situation and doing something about it.
  • Seva Pappageorge my general practitioner and dear friend whose diagnosis alerted me to the issues I might be facing; giving me the encouragement and positive feedback throughout the process.

Although this website is partially intended  to directly or indirectly sell nutritional products and literature, it is also intended to create an awareness of a fact  that without a nutritional protocol, the speed in which I could tackle these life-threatening diseases would be called into question.  It would not be possible without the daily and ongoing nutritional support of the Kyäni Health Triangle.  This was and continues to be at the core of my own cancer fighting protocol and nutritional health.

Kyäni™ is not designed to be a meal replacement though it could be. It is real food.  It is not a chemical or manufactured vitamin supplement.  It supports my immune system, helps normalize blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation while improving blood flow and increasing energy levels even when I speed dropped 40 lbs.  It continues to do so, supporting hormone therapy and a “Seal” inspired training regime of walking a few miles five mornings a week carrying a 40-pound weight vest and 10 lb. leg weights; an intense kettle bell regime every other afternoon.   At the same time the science backed, cancer fighting ability of tocotrienols (a core nutrient of Kyäni™ Sunset) is playing a role in slowing the incredibly aggressive cancer. As of April 2017, at 73 years of age, I feel physically more fit and in tune with my body than at age 40.

Kyäni™ and the protocol developed during my journey is continuing to maintain and repair every cell in my body.

As with all self-help or health and wellness websites (if you choose to include this site), there is no guarantee of success; conversely, just because I am giving away the first copies of this manuscript, by no means does that mean you will not find some health or wellness take-a-way.

It must be said though, every person is a unique individual and what has worked for me or my readers, may not work for you. Any information perceived as advice must be considered along with your own set of circumstances.

I or any person sharing this information does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or outcome of your use of the content.

Every attempt has been made to provide well researched and up to date content every day. Now that all the legalities have been taken care of, if you have gotten this far—hell, go for it!

To your future longevity and quality of life,


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