It's Not About How Long You Live.... But How Well You Live Long


J Harold (Jim) Badger is an author, artist, and entrepreneur who is dedicated his life experiences, business acumen and design craft to help the 50+ crowd retool, re-purpose or reinvent themselves to effectively move into an ever-changing economic, cultural and retirement climate we are experiencing in the 21st century.  Longevity Rocks is part of that experience.

His book Eat to Live—More Than Health and Wellness, Eating Well Rocks Longevity is the inspiration for this website and is a must read.  It is revealing and establishes one of the most important mindsets required to produce and live a successful and meaningful second act of life: Restore a healthy eating regime that will protect and fuel wellness and longevity.  It also chronicles his successful battles with diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cancer.

As a retired executive, he has had many careers including commercial and investment banker, real estate developer and home builder, internet sales and marketing.  And, somewhere in there, back in the day, getting a culinary education and a chef internship in a fancy Berkeley, CA restaurant.  Mr. Badger studied Fine Arts at Sam Houston University and holds a BS in Business Administration from San Francisco State and an MBA from the University of California Berkeley.

The creator of the popular series 50 Plus Books, other books by the author include: The Art of Reinventing Yourself After 50, The Secrets of Making Yourself Known, The Art of Scaling Back, The Secrets of Creating Time, So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur: Business Model or Mindset, and American Brand: Lost But Not Forgotten

His mission in life is to communicate to anyone who will listen, and particularly the over 50 crowd, the idea that you can change directions in their life at any age. You can retool, repurpose or totally reinvent yourself around new ideas or ideas you are passionate about but have not explored or developed yet.

However, the journey most certainly begins with a strong personal commitment to wellness, longevity and “eating to live”.


The 50 P50 Plus Logo 1lus Book Series currently include, American Brand…Why Cowboys Want Strong Brands, The Art of Reinventing Yourself After Fifty, The Magic of Right Sizing Your Life, The Secret to an Organized Mind, and The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success soon to be available on Amazon and Lulu.  These writings are a life’s work intended in a straight forward and concise way to define the mindsets, work habits and life adjustments required of the 50+ crowd to compete and be influential in a changing world while exploring the entrepreneurial experience.


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